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My Protector New :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0 Draw this again. :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0 Elven Angel :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0
No Mercy [ The awakening]
[Location: Chen's Private Lab]
Chen:*sits beside Miri's bed* Good morning my dangerous flower.
:bulletpurple: Miri: *GRABS CHEN BY THE COLLAR*
Chen: Woah there. its just me.
:bulletpurple: Miri: *lets go and tackles him*
Chen: *smirks* did you have a good nights sleep?
:bulletpurple: Miri: *nods > ^< *
Chen: Good to hear. Now,you have to get ready. we need to get some tests done today.
:bulletpurple: Miri: *worried*
Chen: *lifts her chin* Don't worry. *pets her head* I won't let them hurt you. if you be a good girl i'll show you the surprise i have for you after testing.
:bulletpurple: Miri: *nods and smiles*
[Nurse enters]
Nurse: it's time for me to take her vitals now sir.
Chen:  yes of coarse. *looks at miri*
:bulletpurple: Miri: *glares deadly at the nurse*
Chen: *smirks* " her thirst to hunt is awakening" Now now miri be nice to this noona. *gets up* *looks at her* I left your clothes in the bathroom...
:bulletpurple: Miri: .....
Chen: I'll see you soon. *pets
:iconaikotaski:aikotaski 2 11
The troublesome twins Ray and Maria :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0 Jinae Mato Vortex of time Sketch :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0 Random Cry inspired sketch :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 1 0 OC Akira 2 :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 1 0 OC sketch Akira :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0 Jinae Mato Vortex of time :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 1 0
Bloody Rose [VOl. 1]
 Volume 1
*Location: Soka,Japan*
Mariella: *frantically looking through her closet* “Ugh
where is it”
Azumi (Mariella’s mom):  Mari hurry up we’ll be stuck in traffic!
Mariella: Hold on i haven’t even gotten dressed! “ ugh where did i put it!” Mom have you seen my-
Azumi: *holds up a black and red dress and shoes* Looking for these?
Mariella: *turns around with a big smile on her face* You found it! *takes it*
Azumi: you know if you hadn’t spent the whole night reading, and had kept your clothes on top of your dresser like I told you, you wouldn’t be rushing.
Mariella: *struggles to put her clothes on* I know I know, but I was almost done with the last volume it was so intense, I had to finish it.
Azumi: *giggles* Here let me help you. *pulls her zipper up *
Mariella: Thanks mom ^ u^ * tries to get everything else ready*
Azumi: *laughs silently* I’ll be waiting in the car.
Mariella: ok.
Azumi: *leaves Mariellas room*
:iconaikotaski:aikotaski 0 0
Miri and Jay :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 4 0 Chibi Matos :D :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 1 0 Ray mato [ remake] :iconaikotaski:aikotaski 2 11
No mercy [ Time for action]
[last time on No mercy >w >
*nene and tats follow shadow*
Shadow: *takes off his hat*
:bulletpink: Nene and Tats: * hiding in a corner.* !!! Jojo?!
:bulletblack: Jojo: *looks around to see who called him*
*tats and nene hide quickly*
:bulletblack: Jojo: * looks at folder in his hands ... hugs it and leavse*
* tats and nene relaxing a bit*
:bulletpink: Tats: *looks at nene* Secret lover maybe?
:bulletpink: Nene: I doubt it.  " the voice was certainly a females though... can't deny that suspicion" As far as we all know he really likes Miri unnie.
:bulletpink: Tats: who knows. He might have gave up after a year? maybe that suspicious person is who he's been seeing secretly lately.
:bulletpink: Nene: *kicks him* Pabo. >:I why would he go to a bar and get a folder while in disguise if he was secretly dating that person?
:bulletpink: Tats: *giggles* he was ordered to not leave the ship remember? if he was found out to have left he would never hear the end of it from Shishi.
:bulletpink: Nene
:iconaikotaski:aikotaski 4 12
No mercy [ something fishy]
[One year later]
*alarm going off in the distance*
Chen: begin draining the liquids.
*scientists on computers analyzing vitals*
Chen: Joey go and remove the wires. After that get a new pair of clothes for her.
Joey: yes, of coarse. * gets near the unconscious miri* ... " is she really ready to be released from the experiment tube? " !!!
:bulletpurple:Miri: *opens her eyes* ...
Joey: *frozen stiff* U-um C-chen... i thought she wasn't supposed to wake up until after the stimulation process.
Chen: *reviewing statistics* she isn't.... *looks up* she's awake?
:bulletpurple: Miri: * grabs Joey's thoat* *tightening her grip and staring at him with curiosity*
Joey: gack!! CHEN!! *gasping to breath* CODE RED!
Chen: hehe "she never seizes to surprise me. its like a cat playing with a mouse" Soldiers.... standby. * gets close to miri* Miri... would you be so kind as to put him down for me please?
:bulletpurple: Miri:  .... * stares at the blue faced joey and lets go*
Chen: good girl *pets her hea
:iconaikotaski:aikotaski 4 33


.:Hellhound_Siv:. :iconkyone-kuaci:Kyone-Kuaci 415 51 [167] Identity :iconmcptato:mcptato 2,214 76 Godzilla - 50 Shades of Grey :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 107 166 Base 17- love triangle thing :iconmialove01:mialove01 3,305 368 Edit 1 :iconbrokenxpixels:brokenxpixels 1,131 116 Peachblossom Faerie Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,265 36 2B :iconartgerm:Artgerm 10,220 183
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Work It Out :icontealxfire:Tealxfire 162 5
Kain: Will you give me CPR :iconcherubchan:cherubchan 536 189 Oiran :iconevabeesmith:EvaBeeSmith 374 33


My Protector New
Hi there!!!! Gosh its been so long since i've been on here. > O < so many things have happened and I've stopped drawing for so long. However i've been practicing these past few months since I bought my drawing tablet ( A blessing for digital artists honestly XD) and to be honest I'm hoping to continue improving and returning to doing the things I love, drawing being my number one priority.  ( before i get lazy again and lose my ability to draw ; A ; ) So sorry for the long intro... Here's something new to you but a few months old to me lol.... Sesshomaru and an OC of mine named Kiyoki who is the MC of a fanfiction I'm working on. Can you guess the love interests??? :iconpervmonkeyplz: You may or may not see a boat load of drawings of her in the upcoming weeks.... since shes part of my project i've been using her as a way to practice using different poses and working on things I suck at like hands and side views. oh and coloring.... i don't really like coloring my drawings because i suck at shading. But yeah. :) please enjoy and add it to your favourites if you like it and i appreciate any type of critic that can help me improve.

Sesshomaru belongs to Rumiko Takahashi
  Kiyoki Higurashi belongs to me
You are not allowed to use this art work without my permission. :icondonotplz::iconmyartplz:


aikotaski's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a total otaku but im even more of an otaku when im with my not related wat so ever sister ~Yayoi-Liu.. look at her page too,I love nekos i act like one too . im 20 :D , but im a total kid, i hate school and all i wanna do is draw. My passion is singing and writing, now that im graduated im not going to take a year off , im going to a community college for 2 years with general studies and studying american sign language, then i plan to either transfer into a 4 year college or start my life learning new cultures and languages. I also enjoy looking at the night sky whenever I need to release stress or when i wanna think.(i like the daytime sky too) I enjoy rainy days more than a normal person should. lol im easily amazed by nature. I love to read. I space out alot(also know in various places as deep thinking), im self conscious, im VERY lazy when i have no motivation.I have a very strict attitude when things go to far, but i try my best to hide my bad side, because i don't like to hurt others or be mean either. I am here to appreciate amature and professional artists ,also to improve myself as a person and as an artist. One thing is more than obviouse I LOVE PANDAS!! :iconkawaiipandaplz: they are all cute and fuzzy and round yet dangerouse beasts. kinda like me :D so yes. lol Also fun fact: On an everyday bases there will be one word that i would use the most. dont know if its a habit or just something that happens but i always end up using one word the most in a day than anything else. Oh and I say dude alot XD mostly in person but yup thatsa me :3

Current Residence: my house
Favourite genre of music: japanese, alternitive rock,kpop,jpop, international
Favourite style of art: manga, asian, my own style
Operating System: a hand and a pencil
MP3 player of choice: i pod?
Wallpaper of choice: anime or animals(nature)
Skin of choice: purple
Favourite cartoon character: i cnt have a favorite, there are too many characters i like
Favourite book genre: mystery , romance, horror , fantasy and action.
NOT ONLY ARE THEY COMING TO THE U.S AGAIN. WHICH BTW WAS A SMASHING HIT THE FIRST TIME THEY CAME LAST YEAR. BUT MY FRIEND AND I WERE FINALLY ABLE TO GET TICKETS  FOR THIS YEAR NFAKJSMDKJFKADSLKMFKJASMLC GAAAHHHHH.:iconomgsocuteplz:  :iconadorableplz: As a baby whose been with them since they debuted I am more than excited to see their live. IM ECSTATIC!! ITS EVERY BABYZ...NO.. ITS EVERY KPOPPERS DREAM TO SEE THEIR FAVORITE KPOP IDOLS IN PERSON, EVEN MORE IN THEIR COUNTRY. :iconsmartyplz: Gotta admit U.S Babyz are very determined. Powerhouse website started lagging before the tickets were even available for the new york concert. :iconrelievedplz: Everyone was panicking only 2 minutes in and axs and power house were stating that tickets were sold out. but with patience and anxiety and 1 and a half hours after the release time we were able to get tickets.= w= i feel proud and honored to be able to see them in person.:iconfinallyplz: :iconhappyhappyplz: For those who are going  which one will you be attending? Dallas? Chicago? L.A? or New York? and to my babyz who cannot attend to either I have a message. :iconwatchitplz: DON'T GIVE UP. DON'T LOSE HOPE. THIS IS THEIR SECOND TOUR IN THE U.S. THEY WILL BE BACK. When they first came last year my friend and I were devastated. :iconigiveupplz: the tickets sold so fast we regretted not going for the rest of the year. but a second opportunity came and even tho they came last minute and faster than last year we were prepared and determined to make it to their concert this year. We knew our chances were slim, we didn't even plan on how we were getting to new york. :iconmonkeythumbplz: but we focused mainly on going and getting the tickets. even if we have to sit far from the stage as long as we can try to get there thats all that matters.> . > but always remember to get your parents permission if you're under aged. don't go buying the tickets and then not being able to go.:iconohnoyoudirintplz:

BAP AND BABYZ FIGHTING!~ :iconyoyogogoplz::iconyoyogogoplz::iconyoyogogoplz:
  • Listening to: B.A.P - 1004 (angel)
  • Watching: a drama =w =


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